Portfolio: Exchequer Port Book Project

Digitisation and Transcription of the English and Welsh Exchequer Port Books held at the UK National Archives, 1565-1798 [TNA E 190 & 122].

This site is being developed to aid the transcription and analysis of an important and under-exploited series of documents which records a highly significant aspect of the UK's economic history. A short video explaning the project's aims can be found here. A map (under development) showing the various ports and their members can be found here.

The records in this series resulted from an Exchequer Order of November 1564 requiring all customs officials in the various ports of England and Wales thenceforth to make their entries in blank books issued by the Exchequer. About 99% of the Books are catalogued in the TNA E 190 series; others are to be found in the E 122 series, and are indicated by an asterisk in search results.

The books are of three kinds:

Each entry in a Port Book generally contains:

After 1600 few books omit details of the places to and from which shipments were made. [Description from The National Archives.]
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